Ammiel Wan (MEd, BBus, PGDE)


Mr Ammiel Wan is the creator of the Conceptual Approach which is being used by majority of primary schools today. With more than 20 years of experience in training HODs and teachers in many schools, he has helped teachers developed and customised his approach. This in turn help many pupils in different schools with various abilities, ranging from the gifted to pupils with learning needs. His two key strategies, Parallel Questioning and Read Write strategy have not only transformed the way Mathematics is taught, but also the way pupils learn and make meaning out of problem solving. Besides the increased distinctions in many schools, teachers and HODs are recognising the importance of conceptual knowledge as an integral part of problem solving.


Known as a very engaging speaker, he has conducted more than 100 workshops to-date for teachers and parents. He has published numerous research papers and presented in international conferences on the topics of ‘Thinking’ and ‘Problem Solving’.


During his 15 years in MOE, he has taught many pupils with varied abilities ranging from the Gifted Programme to pupils in the mainstream and foundation. He has held many positions such as the HOD Mathematics (Catholic High School), Dean of Curriculum studies (Catholic High School) as well as the Vice-Principal (Rosyth School). He has led the revamp of many schools' Mathematics curriculum (CHS, Northland, SJI Jr etc) as a Mathematics consultant and specialist. Today he is a full time consultant and trainer who helps schools with curriculum design and teacher training.


Whilst in MOE, he has received numerous awards such as the ‘Fellow of the Academy of Singapore Teachers and the Postgraduate Overseas Scholarship. He has created and authored more than 40 resource books pertaining to his conceptual approach. These books have been national best sellers for the last few years. He was also featured in the Straits Times in 2009 and 2013 for his innovative and effective approach of teaching problem sums to teachers and pupils.