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Centre Programmes (PRI)

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Our Centre Programmes

P1 to P6 @ VisibleMATH Academy

At Primary 1 and 2, each lesson comes with a learning experience that engages your child to the fullest. Coupled with the innovative use of manipulatives, each learning experience leads your child to think out of the box while we scaffold the fundamentals in an interesting manner.

At the upper primary, our learning experiences goes the digit way. Each lesson comes with a computerised learning experience that scaffolds a mathematical concept. Pupils are brought through a step by step approach that unfolds the concept. This is followed up by subsequent practices of the concept learnt in

breadth and depth to stretch your child accordingly. 



To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.At VisibleMATH, we believe that a child must be conceptually sound and contextually driven. As they enter formal education in primary 1, Little Blocks at VisibleMATH is designed to complement your child's learning in school. With every skill set grounded on day to day context, your child will be engaged and amazed at how numbers can be used in their day to day experiences. As opposed to rote learning and mundane procedural practice, Little Blocks enhances your child's learning by providing an alternative approach of concrete and pictorial experiences, to help your child build a strong foundation for future problem solving. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


'Junior Blocks' is designed to start our young investigators on problem solving. Using a combination of comparison and modelling tools, Junior Blocks is designed to provide pupils with the necessary foundation for them to excel in many of the heuristics application such as model drawing. As the demand for more procedures increase, Junior Blocks aims to provide an alternative meaning driven approach to help pupils appreciate how problems are created and solved through strategies such as Read and Write, parallel comparison and parallel thinking to help them inculcate a thinking mindset from young. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


Progressing from the pictorial to the introductory abstract level, pupils at 'Confidence Starter' goes through lessons designed to introduce them to different heuristics and progressive application in skills. As problems become longer and abstract, pupils will be taught how to approach problem sums progressively. Instead of learning the different heuristics by rote, pupils go through parallel questioning and comparison to compare different scenarios to identify key schemas that form the important blocks of problem solving. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


'Concept Builder' is designed to enhance the pupils' conceptual understanding across the syllabus. Here, pupils start to learn some of the concepts that span across different topics. They will also sharpen their heuristics by applying them in different non-routine situations. As opposed to rote learning and memorising key concepts, 'Concept Builder' allows pupils to understand how concepts are formed and developed. This programme is suitable for both GEP and mainstream pupils. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


Pupils at this level go through a series of abstract concepts. Be it GEP or mainstream pupils, all pupils will deepen their conceptual knowledge by going through different ways to help them understand how the different concepts are connected together. At this level, their methods are further strengthened as they apply regularly their conceptual and procedural knowledge into the different non-routine problems. Instead of memorising these concepts, pupils are guided to master their concepts through connecting and comparing across the different concepts that cut across the different topics. When concepts mutate and change, pupils can still be versatile to apply their conceptual knowledge across different problems. Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes


'Last Leap' is designed to bring pupils through the different levels of non routine applications. Lessons are designed to guide pupils to maximise workings and improve their understanding and the ability to apply in non complex situations. 'Last Leap' allows both our GEP and mainstream pupils to strengthen their conceptual understanding in different platforms such as parallel connection, parallel thinking and error analysis. Recognising that the PSLE is not a means to an end, 'Last Leap' is designed not to cramp knowledge at the last minute, but rather taking a leap forward to allow pupils to connect well to their secondary curriculum. Duration: 2 hours