Get Me Thinking

“Getmethinking” is the latest resource created by Ammiel Wan and Stewart Teng to help pupils conquer non-routine problems.

GMT Series


“Getmethinking” is the latest resource created by Ammiel Wan and Stewart Teng to help pupils conquer non-routine problems. As problem solving becomes more complex, teachers are recognising the need to guide their pupils beyond simply recalling facts and rote learning of the different methods. Pupils need to develop strong conceptual understanding and a critical mind to apply the various heuristics that they have learnt into situations that are unique and novel. With that, the Cognitive Conceptual Approach was created 10 years ago to address this gap. Since its inception, many schools are now focusing more on helping their pupils develop sound conceptual understanding instead of just focusing on the procedural methods.

Since mathematical problem solving is a form of cognitive ability, the approach that we take must be cognitively driven. The thinking that happens in a child should be made visible so that teachers can provide the necessary guidance to assist them.


This new series will serve as a useful resource to help teachers and parents guide their children in understanding the non-routine problems. Instead of just focusing on the methods and identifying the key concepts, the context is first set for pupils to understand when and why these conceptual ideas are used. Through the use of well crafted parallel connections and questions, pupils will be tuned to identify the key phrases (action words) that will lead them to form the conceptual understanding. Using the 2nd strategy of Read Write3 (translate, interpret and infer), teachers and parents can then guide their children to translate and interpret each line of the problem text in detail. All solutions are based on this strategy to allow teachers and parents to guide their children easily.


Designed and written with ‘connection’ in mind, pupils will be able to connect between the different conceptual ideas, the different topics as well as problems of different degree of difficulty.


"GetMeThinking is a very useful resource for us, parents. It is carefully crafted by the team at VisibleMath to help our children understand the 'whys' and the 'hows', instead of the traditional methods of solving mathematical problems. Revolutionary and engaging."


Mdm Tan Ching Li