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How We Are Different

Why are we a Math specialist school?

VisibleMATH Academy is formed by a team of educators who were ex-school leaders, department heads and curriculum specialists.. Besides the numerous professional awards won by our specialists during their time in MOE, we have in total more than 20 years of experience in training many department heads and school teachers. Till today, we are still actively training teachers and providing consultation to schools in curriculum design.


At VisibleMATH Academy, our qualifications and credentials are clearly displayed. You can find out exactly about our trainers and their relevant experiences. If teachers did hold these official positions (VP, HOD etc) in schools before, there will be actual certifications from MOE. That probably explains why many of the professionals (specialist doctors, lawyers, school leaders and teachers) placed their children with us.

Why do we train school teachers and not tutors?

Good education, in the first place, should not be reserved only for the privilege. Where can we find good quality education that is affordable except in our schools? That is why in VisibleMATH, we make it our mission to equip school teachers. An effective teacher can influence 40 pupils. An effective HOD can influence the entire school. That is what makes the education of Finland great. Hence, we believe that an effective teacher is key to education reform.


Our resources are written for school teachers and parents to coach their children. Each series is birthed out of a certain teaching pedagogy that has years of research and testing done behind them. While many can write an assessment book by compiling exam questions under topics or by level of difficulties, our resources are different in structure and tailored for specific uses. All answers to our resources are clearly displayed in the books. Pupils are not required to log in to our website and give any personal particulars for marketing purposes.


Do we endorse other centres to use our methods?

To-date, there is not a professional body in Singapore that can endorse others. Likewise, the methods created by us in the earlier days have now become national norms of solving in examinations. Through our outreach and training to schools, our methods and approaches have spread far and wide to majority of Singapore schools today. What sets us apart from others is our ability to train pupils to think deeper. As the creator of these Math concepts, we can explain how the concepts are formed and teach these concepts effectively to your children.


Why is it important to be MOE registered?

To be MOE registered, there are many criteria to be met. Beside the physical aspects of the venues, MOE will run a background check of our teachers to check their professional background, qualifications and credentials. In VisibleMATH, we recognised that we are influencing young lives. Parents entrust their children to us. As such, beyond the academic excellence, care and professionalism expected of our trainers, MOE expects our trainers to uphold the integrity that is expected of a teacher at the highest level. That explains why we do not advertise for any individual to join us. We will usually run many background checks on an individual before inviting them to join us. As such, MOE will run detail checks before allowing us to operate as a specialist centre, akin to that of MOH approving a specialist setting up a clinic in Singapore. 


Do we select only high ability pupils?

As curriculum creators, we design our programmes to suit pupils of different abilities. Classes are streamed (HA vs Normal and IP vs O level) and parents are often surprised by the astonishing results by the different classes, especially the weaker ones although they could be doing easier worksheets. This is the demonstration of "Teach less and learn more" in action. Top pupils are stretched in their thinking and developed their concepts in depth while weaker pupils learn how these concepts are formed in breath. 


Does VisibleMATH teach any special method that can solve all problems within 5 minutes?

Firstly, methods presented must be mathematically sound and contextually accurate. Regardless of the methods used, the numbers must represent the story accurately. In the examinations, the child is expected to know an array of heuristics (methods). No one single method can solve all problems. Problems are not categorised by methods or even concepts (which are often hidden). Hence, in VisibleMath Academy, the focus is on the Read Write Strategy, one which we have been sharing with HODs in schools. Through this strategy, pupils learn to understand and translate the context, develop the concepts and select the appropriate methods. More can be found from the research and literature that we have placed in our website.


If my child is in the IP program, are the courses at VisibleMATH Academy suitable for him/her?

VisibleMATH Academy is a specialist school. Lessons are designed to teach the child the concepts, explore the meanings behind these concepts before showing them the appropriate methods. Questions are designed in a scaffolded manner to help them develop their understanding instead of just going through pure practices. Our IP classes consist of pupils from  in Singapore, with a large majority coming from SNGS, CHS, NYGH, RI, RGS and Dunman High.


Why do we not advertise individual performances of our pupils despite such excellent results?

While we share the joy of our pupils consistently, we also remember the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” That is why we always encourage our pupils to show appreciation to their parents and school teachers upon their result release.

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