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Over the years, we have been consistently featured in the media for over innovative and student-centred approaches in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Critical Thinking Skills.

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Multiplying Success

Interview with VisbleMATH Co-Founders in Promising SME 500 Magazine.


Doing Problem Sums? No Problem

Interview with Ammiel Wan in The Straits Times.


Honouring the Best in Local Enterprise

Honouring SMEs: VisibleMATH in The Business Times.


I have been with VisibleMATH for the past 7 years and counting, and it has been an amazing experience. Mr Wan helped to lay a strong foundation of Math for me since the very beginning, and that has allowed me to grasp higher level concepts much easier. He is also dedicated and very willing to help students whenever we run into any math related problems. He will go the extra mile to ensure we understand the concepts, and that we can apply them effectively. VisibleMATH has helped me to gain confidence in mathematics and it was a really enriching experience!

- Nicole

National Junior College

The past 4 years in Visible Math has allowed me to gain an interest and passion in Math. Starting VisibleMATH in Secondary 1 helped me lay a strong foundation on the Secondary Math syllabus. Mr Wan’s teaching allowed me to be able to understand the concepts easily and apply them in challenging questions. He is very devoted and ready to help students whenever we face any problems, and will also dedicate his free time to answer our math problems from school. It was a really fruitful journey with VisibleMATH!

- Serena