Centre Programmes (SEC)

Click on the button below to download the 2020 Schedule for our Centre Programmes at Goldhill and Sin Ming.

Our Centre Programmes


The O level Programme at VisibleMATH Academy offers a 4 -year programme  for our students on the express course. Designed by our Principal Consultant, Mr Ammiel Wan, the curriculum makes use of the cognitive conceptual approach to achieve the following:

  • To allow pupils to go through a structured spiral approach towards the learning of Mathematical concepts.

  • To lead pupils to connect similar concepts across the different topics.  

Taught by Mr Ammiel Wan and Mr Stewart Teng personally, pupils get to experience the learning of mathematical concepts through inquiry based discovery, taking on an investigative approach towards learning of new ideas and concepts. At year 3 and 4, the curriculum will further be divided into Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics. Click on the course title to find out more details on each programme. 

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