Adult Students

Holiday Programmes

Scaffolding PSLE Concepts

Deemed as the most popular course, this 2 modules course (8 days) bring your child behind the scene of the PSLE papers as we unpack and unfold the concepts tested in the PSLE for the last 8 years. During the course, we will unpack the concept(s) tested in each non-routine question and connect these ideas with what they have been learning in regular lessons. They will practise the methods found in these questions before attempting a similar question in different context and difficulty. At the end of the course, we believe that your child will have a thorough understanding of the questioning style that is required at the PSLE, which may not necessarily be the same as the school examinations. This course is designed for all P6 pupils taking the PSLE in 2017. Module 1 and 2would be held during the March and June holidays respectively. (Priority registration for existing VM pupils apply)

Last burst to PSLE

Held during the September holidays, the 3 day programme looks at the important concepts that were tested in the recent few years of preliminary examinations across schools. These questions are chosen based on the type of concepts tested in line with the PSLE as well as the breadth and depth demonstrated by these concepts. 


Mr Wan was clearly the reason for my major improvements on both amath and emath from two F9s to now 2As . Overall, it is an interesting experience to study in visible math where I have learnt a ton of life values and also getting taught by you


Presbyterial High

My time with VM has been absolutely wonderful. When I initially joined, I had a strong dislike for mathematics as I had a lot of difficulty understanding the subject. However, after being taught by Mr Wan, he made the subject really easy to comprehend, furthermore, he is able to come up with simple methods that can be applied to easily solve problems. Overall, in the years that I have been with VM and with Mr Wan, I feel that I have learnt so much and have grown so much in my mathematical ability! 

- Josephine Ihksan

Raffles Girls School